BASF to launch a new line at Saint Petersburg production site

Saint Petersburg — February 7, 2017 — BASF, leading world producer of chemical products for the construction industry, launched the second production line at its Saint Petersburg production site. The line will produce high-demand products, such as alkali-free set accelerators for sprayed concrete for underground construction applications (mining industry and tunneling). This line allowed to locally produce over 60% of materials for BASF wet-mix sprayed concrete from the company’s product line including off-the-shelf dry mixtures, plasticizing agents and accelerators for use in the wet-mix spraying process.

By launching the line, BASF is successfully continuing its strategic commitments focused on increasing the local content of its products. Products such as MasterRoc SA 160 and MasterRoc SA 167 aimed at Russian consumers, including mining and tunnel construction companies, are suitable for applications where exceptionally high early strength and extremely thick layers of sprayed concrete via layered application during one construction sequence as well as low rebound applications are required. BASF end-to-end solutions are also suitable for rock slope stabilization at open pit mines, extremely fast setting properties allow rapid work progress.

BASF production line

The new line uses the state-of-the-art European equipment to provide full automation and manufacture of products that fully meet the highest quality standards of BASF Corporation. All materials have successfully undergone laboratory inspections and pilot testing tests and are fully compliant with the declared performance.

“By launching a new production line, we can more effectively meet the demand for chemical construction products in the North-Western Region, including the Kola Peninsula, the Ural and the Volga Federal Districts and other regions of Russia where major mining companies are located,” comments Sergey Vetlov, managing director of BASF Constriction Systems, LLC. According to Mr. Vetlov, new lines at Saint-Petersburg facility, including the one to be launched in 2017, will significantly facilitate the product delivery process and enable customers to implement the most technically complicated projects.

Continuous enhancement of production facilities is in line with the strategy of the company that has been successfully strengthening its presence in Russia for over 10 years. The second production line at Saint-Petersburg facility is yet another step in active expansion of the local presence. The first line put into operation on April 01, 2016 produces high-efficient plasticizers (e.g. MasterGlenuim 430 and MasterGlenuim 324R) that are in great demand with the Russian consumers, as well as innovative poly aryl ether (PAE) admixtures (such as MasterPolyheed 3040, MasterRoc SA 160 and MasterRoc SA 167).

In line with its development strategy, BASF’s Construction Chemicals division expands capacities of its production facilities in the Moscow region and in Kazan. At these sites, BASF produces additives for concrete and various materials for concrete repair and protection, insulation products, tile adhesives and industrial flooring systems.

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