Two in One: increased workability and durability with new BASF Polymer

BASF, a leading global producer of construction chemicals, came forward with a concrete modification innovation. BASF’s chemical engineers designed a new synthetic polymer called “polyaryl” used to produce breakthrough additives. Their action fundamentally differs from popular construction modifiers based on naphthalenesulfonates (BNS) and polycarboxylates (PCE). The new polymer combines best properties of the above products thus relieving the concreters from the necessity of finding a balance between them.

This new chemical compound perfectly matches the existing needs of constructors. Unique polyaryl-based additives allow to produce low-viscosity concrete mixtures (in contrast to PCE) having the same workability and density as standard mixtures. These additives drastically improve placeability and pumpability of the concrete mixtures. Polyaryl also increases the durability of the concrete (previously, concreters had to lower water-cement ratio to achieve this effect). The additives are compatible with any inert materials and suit for cements of any type.

Due to their game-changing properties, the polyaryl-based additives generate high-quality concrete mixtures having water reducing effect similar to that of polycarboxylate-based additives, but with a viscosity lowered by 30 %. Fitting for multiple construction applications, this solution provides new opportunities for manufacturing of prefabricated reinforced concrete, ready-mixed concrete and for cold-weather concreting.

“We have no doubt that this technology will be welcomed in Russia, the country of multiple large-scale infrastructure projects and dynamic commercial and residential development,” said Maksim Zakrzhevsky, Head of BASF’s Concrete Additives department.

The introduction of the ingenious polymer drove the development of a brand-new additive dedicated for concreting industrial floors with hardened top layer. MasterGleniumPAV 806 additive ensures predictable curing time and easier floating of topping thus allowing to apply the increased amount of topping.

The advanced technology has already become popular in Russia. In particular, in 2016, the combination of MasterGleniumPAV 806 polyaryl-based additive and MasterTop topping was used to make concrete floors in Leroy Merlin hypermarkets in Tolyatti, Volzhski, Saratov and Orenburg; Lenta Trade Centers in Petrozavodsk, Syktyvkar, Magnitogorsk and Krasnodar; Russian Post’s logistics center with the area of about 50 thousand square meters in Kazan; and many other major facilities.

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