​The company extends its presence in the region

October 17, 2018, BASF concern, the world leader of construction chemicals, launched a new plant in Krasnodar. The plant is planned to manufacture more than 20 kinds of concrete additives based on the Russian raw materials. Running this enterprise the company will be able to considerably shorten time of delivery to customers from the Southern Federal District and offer them a wide range of products adopted to be used in this region.

“Local production can give us a competitive advantage and support our ambition to grow ahead of the market. BASF’s construction chemicals department has already in the past demonstrated its commitment to localise production to be closer to our markets. Last year we opened a concrete additive plant in St. Petersburg and this year we are launching the production in Krasnodar, – Christoph Roehrig, head of BASF in Russia and CIS, said. – We see further great potential for our products in Russian regions and in order to capture these opportunities we will continue to invest close to our partners and customers.”

The process cycle of the new enterprise almost completely uses the Russian raw materials, which is in line with the company’s strategy of production local content and import phase-out. The product line of the plant includes products designed for different purposes, from traditional lignosulfonate-based plasticizing agents up to polyacryl-based innovations intended to enable comprehensive modification of the properties of the concrete mixture.

“The need to extend the production was dictated by the growing demand for state-of-the-art hi-tech concrete additives in the Southern and North Caucasian Federal Districts. The project was broken down in two steps, with the first being to established the sales office, and the second one to launch the plant and the warehouse. Through combining them we created the production and logistics hub in the South of Russia that allowed us to process orders faster, reduce time of delivery, and also better take into account specific features and needs of the regional market,”—Sergey Vetlov, CEO of BASF Construction Systems, noted.

Local manufacturing content will considerably enhance efficiency of use of BASF products. This is accounted for by differences between Russian regions, each of which has its own unique set of natural factors. Climate, specific features of the chemical composition of cements and many other regional characteristics affect significantly rheology of the concrete mixture. All of this must be considered when manufacturing additives.

For example, for the South of Russia BASF chemistry specialists have developed three formulations of the additives that improve time-yield of concrete in the context of low water consumption and at the same time enhance concrete strength: MasterPozzolith 3100, MasterPozzolith 3150 and MasterGlenium 320. The last one is the best selected combination of lignosulfonates and polycarboxylic ethers. All additives are released in IBC containers or bulk tanks.

Main customers of the company products in this region are manufacturers of ready-mix and pre-cast concrete, contractors that work in the infrastructure facilities, and those involved in construction of industrial flooring. In addition to the Southern Federal District, additives manufactured in the Krasnodar enterprise will be supplied to the North Caucasus.


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