"Klenovy dom" condominium complex


Project: "Klenovy dom" condominium complex
Location: Moscow, 5–7 Prechistenskaya embankment
Completion date: August, 2016
Customer: ZAO Don-Stroy Invest
Project designer: ZAO Don-Story
Contractor: Esta Construction
Materials used:
MasterTop 1324 RAL 7011
2 300 sq m: parking lot and roadway,
130 sq m: ramp.

Project description

"Klenovy dom" condominium complex is a high-end house in the historical center of Moscow. It is a 4-storey building comprising 20 elite apartments and having a landscaped surrounding area and an underground parking lot. This is a truly refined building: most materials, finishing elements and interior decorations were made to order.

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