MasterAir® 125 — Air-entraining Admixture based on surfactants for Concrete Mixes with High Grade of Freeze-Thaw Resistance

Formerly: Micro AIR 125

MasterAir 125 is used mainly for production of ready-mix concrete and precast concrete products in transport construction (including cement-concrete paving). It is efficiently used in industrial and civil construction, when there are stringent requirements for freeze-thaw resistance.


  • Efficient in combination with all types of cements and plasticizing admixtures; 
  • Low dosage requirements;
  • Increases cohesion and workability of concrete mix;
  • Have no impact on the setting of concrete;
  • Lowers potentiality of segregation of concrete mix;
  • Improves flowability of concrete mix;
  • Substantially increases freeze-thaw resistance and waterproofing of concrete.


MasterAir 125: Technical Data Sheet (January 2016)

pdf (559.64 Kb)