MasterBrace ADH 4000 – epoxy adhesive for FRP laminates and bars

Formerly: Mbrace Laminate Adhesive

What is MasterBrace ADH 4000?

MasterBrace ADH 4000 is a two component, epoxy based, solvent free, thixotropic adhesive developed for FRP laminates and bars. It has a high glass transition temperature, which allows higher service temperatures and very high mechanical strengths.

MasterBrace ADH 4000 is used as a pasty adhesive for bonding FRP laminates and bars on to the concrete and steel substrates.

What makes MasterBrace ADH 4000 a unique solution?

Very high tensile strength and slant shear strength bring perfect load transfer between the substrate and the overlaying FRP laminates and bars. MasterBrace ADH 4000 has a high glass transition temperature.

Excellent thixotropic consistency makes vertical and overhead plate bonding very fast and easy.

Environmental friendly, solvent free adhesive makes indoor applications safe and comfortable


MasterBrace ADH 4000: Technical Data Sheet (December 2015)

pdf (982.16 Kb)