MasterCast 740 — a new surfactant-based plasticizer, specially engineered for manufactured concrete products

Formerly: RheoFIT 740

Fields of Application of MasterCast 740

MasterCast 740 has specially been developed for earth-dry concrete. This state-of-the-art plasticizer based on surfactant technology improves the productivity as well as the green and final strength. Due to its tribological effect, MasterCast 740 enhances the closeness of the lateral surfaces and eases the demoulding of the manufactured concrete products. Particular sharp edges with minimal vibration can be achieved.

MasterCast 740 is suitable for manufacturing MCP products and has no impact on the colour

Hence, MasterCast 740 can also be utilized for coloured pavers and slabs.

What are the benefits of MasterCast 740?

  • Optimised mix design
  • Higher green strength
  • Improved final strength
  • Enhanced productivity due to higher production speed
  • Sharp edges with minimal vibration
  • Enhanced closeness of lateral surfaces

MasterCast 740 is a key component to BASF FIT 4 VALUE concept. FIT 4 VALUE considers the four elements essential for MCP Manufactures:

1. FIT for Economics
2. FIT for Performance
3. FIT for Aesthetics
4. FIT for Durability


MasterCast 740: Technical Data Sheet (January 2016)

pdf (576.17 Kb)