MasterCast 748 — Admixture for Manufactured Concrete Products from Semi-Dry Concrete by vibrocompression   

What is MasterCast 748?

MasterCast 748 is specially engineered for production of small-piece concrete products manufactured of from semi-dry concrete: pavers, kerb stones, trays etc.


MasterCast® 748 is a key component to FIT 4 VALUE concept.
FIT 4 VALUE considers the four elements essential for MCP Manufactures:

1. FIT for Economics
2. FIT for Performance
3. FIT for Aesthetics
4. FIT for Durability

Here, FIT means meeting every requirement for economics, performance, aesthetics and durability.  


  • Optimized mix design;
  • Decreases sensitivity to precision of water dosage;
  • Improved early and final strength;
  • Increases compressive strength, being an important factor for semi-dry concrete mixes;
  • Higher productivity due to higher production speed;
  • Sharp edges and close lateral surfaces with minimum vibration;
  • Improved freeze-thaw resistance;
  • No impact on product coloring;


MasterCast 748: Technical Data Sheet (January 2016)

pdf (576.70 Kb)