MasterEmaco® A 640 — Plasticized high-expansion cement​

Formerly:​ ​MACFLOW

What is MasterEmaco A 640?

The MasterEmaco A 640 plasticized high-expansion cement is a mix of Portland cement and a complex additive conferring and regulating expanding and plasticizing properties. 


  • Production of non-shrink injection grouts with a high flow capability at a low water-cement ratio; 
  • Production of concrete mixtures with a high workability, without the addition of additional plasticizers; 
  • Allows receivin​g of non-shrink concretes and mortars; 
  • Allows receiving of concretes and mortars with high early and final strength

Field of application​

1. Production of concretes and mortars used in the repair and construction of road and airport paving, bridge structures and civil structures; 
2. Installation of anchors in concrete bases as well as in soils and rocks; 
3. Preparation of injection grouts used for:

  • Injecting cracks in concrete and masonry structures;
  • Filling channels, which accommodate prestressed reinforcement or anchors under high mechanical stress;
  • Injecting soils.

​4. Installation of equipment and steel structures in case of grouting the space between the concrete base and metal elements with a thickness of 5 to 10 mm; 
5. Grouting of reinforced concrete elements and structural joints.