MasterEmaco® S 105 PG — Fine-grained, shrinkage-compensated pourable dry mortar. Application thickness varies from 40 to 200 mm

Formerly: PC Mix Fluid

Preparatory activities

MasterEmaco S 105 PG is a ready-to-use material available in the form of a fine-grained dry mortar. When mixed with water, it forms a pourable, non-delaminating, high-strength grout. Due to its intrinsic properties, MasterEmaco S 105 PG allows concreting by placing the material into formwork, without vibration compaction, during the construction or repair of heavy-reinforced structures. Material application thickness varies from 40 to 200 mm and may be increased by adding a coarse aggregate. 

Recommended use

MasterEmaco S 105 PG is recommended for use in the following areas
  • Concreting of reinforced (including pre-stressed) structures - beams, supports, bridge plates, etc.; 
  • Grouting under base plates of steel structures and process equipment, experiencing high dead loads, as well as for anchor installation; 
  • Concreting of heavy reinforced structures if pneumatic mortar placing is impossible; 
  • Due to a high fluidity, MasterEmaco S 105 PG is recommended for concreting in those cases where vibration compaction of the poured concrete may not be used; 
  • Grouting of joints of precast reinforced concrete structures (concrete supports, slabs, etc.); 
  • Concreting in cases where the delivery or supply of ready-mixed concrete is problematic. E.g., railway bridges, tunnels, headers, high-rise facilities, supports and foundations of high-voltage lines, etc. 


MasterEmaco S 105PG: Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

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