MasterEmaco® S 110 TIX — Fine-grained shrinkage-compensated fast-hardening thixotropic mortar intended for concrete structure repair and recovery. Application thickness in one layer is 20 to 40 mm

Formerly: PC Mix Tixo

MasterEmaco S 110 TIX is a ready-to-use fine-grained dry mortar. When mixed with water, it forms a thixotropic non-delaminating grout with the adhesion > 1 MPa. MasterEmaco S 110 TIX is applied by hand either by a trowel, or by a machine, using a plastering station. Material application thickness varies from 20 to 40 mm. If greater thicknesses of the material are required, it should be placed in several layers.

Recommended use

  • Repair and recovery of reinforced concrete structures
  • Local repair of damaged or destroyed elements of concrete and reinforced concrete structures
  • MasterEmaco S 110 TIX may be used for indoor and outdoor operations, for vertical, horizontal and ceiling surfaces.


The ready-to-use compound may be applied using plastering trowel stations or trowels. While applying the material by hand, it is recommended to prepare a primer layer of MasterEmaco S 110 TIX with a more liquid consistency, and apply it onto the surface by rubbing the mortar into the substructure with a brush with stiff bristles. Then, apply a base layer, using the “wet-on-wet” method. Optionally, use a wooden, plastic or synthetic sponge trowel to smoothen the surface. The post-application treatment with a trowel may be started only when the repair compound has set, i.e. when fingers, pressing the repair compound, do not draw into it, but leave only a light footprint.


MasterEmaco S 110TIX: Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

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