MasterEmaco S 5300 — Lightweight, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, structural repair mortar

Formerly: EMACO Nanocrete R3

What is MasterEmaco S 5300?

MasterEmaco S 5300 is a thixotropic lightweight high build repair mortar with medium strength from 5 up to 75mm thickness, class R3. It is a ready-to-use material to be hand, trowel or spray applied on horizontal, vertical and overhead areas. When mixed with water it forms a mortar with an exceptional wide range of applications. MasterEmaco S 5300 is used for medium strength repair, structural repair of concrete elements like balcony edges, soffits and decks, multi storey car parks, lintels and beams in commercial or domestic buildings and for cantilevers.

What makes MasterEmaco S 5300 a unique solution?

MasterEmaco S 5300 allows the repair of medium strength concrete without problems of differential movement due to its medium strength and lower modulus of elasticity properties. It contains special cements, well graded sands, carefully selected additives and fibers to reduce shrinkage, providing excellent application properties and allows high build application up to 75 mm thickness in one layer.

High performance properties of MasterEmaco S 5300 are the basis to extend the structure life.

MasterEmaco S 5300 has been developed based on new technology to achieve lowest cracking tendency, good water and chloride impermeability, sulphate resistant and high carbonation resistance.
Those properties are the basis of success for enhanced durability to extend the structure life significantly.


MasterEmaco S 5300: Technical Data Sheet (December 2015): MasterEmaco S 5300

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