MasterEmaco® S 550 FR — Shrinkage compensated, fast-hardening, pourable dry mortar reinforced with a flexible chrome-nickel and polymer fiber, intended for structural repair of concrete and reinforced concrete. Application thickness is 20 to 60 mm

Formerly: EMACO S150 CFR

MasterEmaco S 550 FR is a ready-to-use dry mortar reinforced with a flexible chrome-nickel and polymer fiber, which is not oxidized and is chloride-resistant. Maximum filler size in MasterEmaco S 550 FR is 2.5 mm. 

MasterEmaco S 550 FR is a shrinkage-compensated product. Expansion takes place both in the plastic state (before setting) and during hardening. Expansion is constrained by the adhesion between the rough surface, being repaired, and the concrete, as well as due to constraining effect of the metal fiber. The stress, emerging in the MasterEmaco S 550 FR matrix due to a restrained expansion, may be compared with the stress in the prestressed concrete, when the reinforcement transfers the force onto concrete and causes compressive stresses. This allows MasterEmaco S 550 FR to be applied in 20-60 mm-thick layers, without using rebars or reinforcing mesh for expansion restraint. If a MasterEmaco S 550 FR layer with a thickness of more than 60mm is required, 30% of clean (washed) and thoroughly sifted gravel (5-10mm fraction) is recommended to be added to the mix to reduce hydration heat. 

MasterEmaco S 550 FR is a sulfate-resistant product that does not contain chlorides and metal powders. This product is also available in the thixotropic option (MasterEmaco S 560 FR). 

Recommended use

MasterEmaco S 550 FR is used for a durable and reliable repair of all concrete items of various geometric shapes at the reinforcement corrosion rate of up to 15%, without installation of additional reinforcement:

  • Columns and beams;
  • Arched structures;
  • Bridge plates;
  • Foundations, dams;
  • Retaining walls;
  • Silos and containers;
  • Channels;
  • Cooling  towers;
  • Structures in seismic areas, etc.

MasterEmaco S 550 FR is not recommended to be used without additional protection in case of contact with the medium with pH < 5.5. 


MasterEmaco S 550 FR: Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

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