MasterEmaco® T 1400 FR — Pourable non-shrink fast-hardening dry mortar, containing a rigid metal fiber, designed for a structural repair of concrete and reinforced concrete. It may be used at the ambient temperatures as low as -10ºС


What is MasterEmaco T 1400 FR?

MasterEmaco T 1400 FR is a ready-to-use product available in the form of a dry concrete mortar, containing a rigid metal fiber. When mixed with water, it forms a reoplastic, non-shrink and non-segregating compound with a high adhesion to steel and concrete, even if used in hostile environments.

Due to its intrinsic properties, MasterEmaco T 1400 FR may be used to recover concrete and reinforced concrete structures by pouring to a thickness of 10 to 100 mm (and more, if aggregate is added) in cases where the strength build-up rate is the most important requirement (in particular, at low temperatures).

The presence of a steel brass plated fiber, restraining crack propagation, is a distinctive feature of this mortar. This feature provides the material with a high bending strength, high resistance to dynamic impacts, and high fatigue resistance.

The product does not contain chlorine compounds and reactive metal dust.

MasterEmaco T 1400 FR is recommended for use in the ambient temperature range from -10°С to +30°С. 

Recommended use

MasterEmaco T 1400 FR is used without additional reinforcement in the construction of special construction elements, which require multidirectional reinforcement. It may be used in the following cases:

  • In the repair of surfaces subjected to high loads, on highways or at airports (with existing joints to be left), and in the construction of tunnels in the rocks; 
  • In all structures, subjected to impact and dynamic loads (bunkers and bomb shelters), since it provides adequate bearing capacity of structures even after cracking; 
  • In the construction of structural, earthquake-resistant elements (such as column-and-beam connections) due to residual strength after cracking; 
  • In elongated areas of span girders.


MasterEmaco T 1400 FR: Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

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