MasterFlow 928 — Shrinkage-Compensated, Quick-Hardening, Dry Concrete Mix of Pourable Type Designed for Highly-Precise Cementation of Industrial Equipment, Grouting Under Column Supports, Joint Grouting in Reinforced Concrete Structures and Anchor Installation

Formerly: Emaco S55

What is MasterFlow 928?

MasterFlow 928 is a ready-to-use substance in the form of dry concrete mix. Upon mixing with water, it forms rheoplastic, floated, non-segregated, shrinkage-compensated, high-strength compound. Maximum aggregate fineness of MasterFlow 928 is 3 mm. The compound does not contain metal aggregates and chlorides. Grout Thickness is from 20 up to 200 mm.


MasterFlow 928 is applied for highly-precise cementation (grouting) under support parts of columns and industrial equipment, such as:

  • gas or steam turbines;
  • generators, diesel engines;
  • various machine tools, pressure machines;
  • hot roiling mills and cold rolling mills;
  • pumps, compressors, crushers;
  • lifting and transporting equipment;
  • grouting under support parts of superstructures of bridges, overpasses;
  • installation of cap elements;
  • installation of barrier railings for roads, etc.


MasterFlow 928: Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

pdf (114.87 Kb)