MasterGlenium 115 —  High-Range Water-Reducing / Super Plasticizing Admixture Based on Polycarboxylic Ether

Formerly: Glenium 115

What is MasterGlenium 115?

The admixture can be used both for production of ready concrete mix and for prefabricated reinforced concrete products. It is efficient in mixtures of any flowability class. It is perfectly suitable for production of high-strength and self-compacting concrete and also for production of pre-stressed bearing structures.


  • Efficient in combination with all types of cement;
  • High initial and final strength with longstanding flowability;
  • Flowable concrete without segregation or bleeding;
  • Recommended for production of highly-flowable and self-compacting concrete mixtures;
  • High water-reducing capacity;
  • Production of higher-strength concrete with lower cement consumption;
  • Recommended for mixtures used for production of concrete mixtures designed for pre-stressed bearing structures;
  • Improves concrete surface finish;
  • Improves physical properties (increases specific gravity and decreases permeability) and thus the durability of concrete;
  • Allows extension of TBO;
  • Less vibration or intensity of vibration required or possibility to eliminate vibration;
  • Approved for production of concrete in contact with potable water.


MasterGlenium 115: Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

pdf (49.53 Kb)