MasterGlenium 116W — Integrated Super Plasticizing / Water-Reducing Antifreezing Admixture for Concrete   

Formerly: Glenium 116W

What is MasterGlenium 116W?

MasterGlenium 116W is used both for production of concrete mixtures of various flowability classes for concrete work under negative air temperatures. It ensures better workability for mixture at lower water content. It prevents freezing of concrete mixture during transportation and production of monolith reinforced concrete structures before thermal treatment or ageing using "thermos" method. It ensures strength gain in 28-day age to at least 30% of grade strength without using thermal treatment under ambient temperature up to - 200С (strength of "cold" concrete samples is determined after 48 hours of defrosting under normal conditions). It can be used for production of reinforced concrete products and structures to obtain high early strength. MasterGlenium 116W can be used for production of pre-stressed bearing structures. 


  • High water-reduction effect, substantially lower water/cement ratio;
  • High dynamics of strength gain;
  • No chloride, no corrosion to rebar;
  • It does not contain ammonium;
  • Possibility to obtain concrete with high strength characteristics;
  • Higher concrete class by waterproofing;
  • Complies with GOST 24211 requirements for antifreezing admixtures, both for "warm" and "cold" concrete;


MasterGlenium 116W: Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

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