MasterGlenium 323 — Super Plasticizing / Water-Reducing Admixture for Concrete and Mixtures Representing Water Solution of Polycarboxylic Ether and Lignosulphonate 

Formerly: Glenium 323 MIX

What is MasterGlenium 323?

MasterGlenium 323 is used for production of ready-mix concrete mixtures of various flowability classes and construction mixtures. It is recommended for all classes of ready concrete mixtures with longstanding periods of transportation and pouring, high values of green and final strength. It can be used for production of concrete for prefabricated reinforced concrete structures and pre-stressed bearing structures. 


  • Possibility to achieve high concrete strength with high flowability and longstanding maintained flowability;
  • Obtaining high classes of concrete with cements of lower classes or quality;
  • Facilitates pumping of concrete mix through concrete pump;
  • Contains components ensuring entraining of specified amount of air. Entrained air allows obtaining of high classes of concrete in terms of freeze and thaw resistance.


MasterGlenium 323: Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

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