MasterGlenium 324 — Super Plasticizing Admixture for Ready-Mix Concrete and Concrete Mixtures based on Lignosulphonate and Polycarboxylic Ether     

Formerly: Glenium 324

What is MasterGlenium 324?

MasterGlenium 324 is used for production of ready-mix concrete mixtures of various flowability classes with use of different methods of concrete pouring. It is used for concrete pouring for structures at high air temperatures. 


  • Longstanding maintained flowability;
  • Facilitates pumping of concrete mix through concrete pump;
  • Lower heat release when pouring concrete for major structures;
  • Universal compatibility with all types of cement;
  • Water reduction of about 20%.


MasterGlenium 324: Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

pdf (47.90 Kb)