MasterGlenium 327 — Super Plasticizing Admixture for Ready-Mix Concrete and Concrete Mixtures based on Lignosulphonate and Polycarboxylic Ether      

Formerly: Glenium 327

What is MasterGlenium 327?

MasterGlenium 327 is used for production of ready-mix concrete of various flowability classes with use of different methods of concrete pouring. It is used for concrete pouring for structures at high air temperatures. It can be used for production of prefabricated reinforced concrete products.


  • Longstanding maintained flowability;
  • Improves workability;
  • Facilitates pumping of concrete mix through concrete pump;
  • Lower heat release when pouring concrete for major structures;
  • Universal compatibility with all types of cement;
  • Water reduction of about 20%.