MasterGlenium ACE 47 — High-Range Water-Reducing / Super Plasticizing Admixture based on Polycarboxylic Ether for Manufacturing of Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete Products and Structures

Formerly: Glenium ACE 47

What is MasterGlenium ACE 47?

MasterGlenium ACE 47 is used for manufacturing of any types of reinforced concrete products and structures. It allows manufacturing concrete mixtures of any flowability, ranging from earth-dry to highly flowable. It can be used for ready-mix concrete in cases, when longstanding maintaining of flowability is not required.


  • Obtaining concrete mixtures with high flowability, strength and specific gravity at lower water/cement ratio, thus allowing decreased cement consumption;
  • Allows reduction of time and/or temperature of steam curing, or complete elimination of steam curing, thus allowing saving of energy resources and substantial decrease of costs for steam curing (complete elimination of steam curing is possible in warm seasons), and faster turnaround of shutters and increasing quantity of final products;
  • Less vibration is required for concrete mixture upon formation of products, or even complete elimination of vibration is possible, thus allowing saving of energy resources for the process and also lower noise and vibration impact;
  • Can be used for concrete mixtures designed for pre-stressed structures;
  • High quality of concrete surface finish.