MasterMatrix 100 — High performance viscosity modifying agent (VMA) for fluid concrete

Formerly: RheoMatrix 100

How does MasterMatrix 100 work?

MasterMatrix 100 is an innovative product. It is an aqueous solution of a high-molecular weight synthetic copolymer.

Thanks to its tailored mode of action in concrete, MasterMatrix 100 imparts a level of viscosity within a mix enabling the right balance between fluidity, passing ability and resistance to segregation - apparently opposing properties — to be achieved. The balance is lacking when the fluidity of the concrete is obtained by adding water.

MasterMatrix 100 is a key component to BASF’s Smart Dynamic Construction concept for benefits in:

  • Economy: Savings on fines
  • Ecology: Less fines — less CO2, and higher concrete durability
  • Ergonomic: No vibration, no noise, low stickiness of the concrete mixture

Production of everyday self-consolidating with reduce powder content

How can you benefit from MasterMatrix 100?

Prevents segregation and bleeding.

  • Can be used with all types of cement.
  • Does not affect setting time.
  • Mixes are less sensitive to changes in water demand.