MasterPozzolith 501HE — Freeze-and-Thaw Resistant Admixture based on Calcium Nitrate for concrete and ready-mix concrete


Formerly: Pozzolith 501HE


What is MasterPozzolith 501HE​?

MasterPozzolith 501HE is used for manufacturing of concrete mixes and ready-mix concrete of various flowability classes for concrete pouring below freezing point. It prevents freezing of ready-mix concrete during its transportation and pouring of monolith reinforced concrete structures before heat treatment or using "thermos" method. MasterPozzolith 501HE can be used for pre-stressed bearing structures. ​


  • Low consumption in comparison with traditional freeze-and-thaw resistant admixtures;
  • Wide range of working negative temperatures (up to - 30оС);
  • Compatibility with any plasticizers and superplasticizers;
  • Contains no chloride, does not cause corrosion of rebar;
  • It does not contain ammonium;
  • Fast strength gain ensures shorter heating time, earlier removal of shutters.