MasterPozzolith MR 25 — Plasticizer Based on Lignosulphate for Concrete and Ready-Mix Concrete with Longstanding Maintained Flowability

Formerly: Pozzolith MR 25

What is MasterPozzolith MR 25?

MasterPozzolith MR 25 is used for manufacturing of ready-mix concrete of various flowability classes for different methods of concrete pouring. It is used for concrete pouring of structures at high air temperatures. It can be used for reinforced concrete structures, pre-stressed structures and also for lightweight concrete


  • Longstanding maintained flowability;
  • Improved workability;
  • Facilitates pumping of concrete-mix through concrete pump thus increasing its productivity;
  • Reduces heat generation upon concrete pouring for massive structures.


MasterPozzolith MR 25: Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

pdf (48.06 Kb)