MasterProtect 180 — Epoxy Based Two Components Protective Coating

Formerly: Masterseal 180

How does MasterProtect 180 work and its benefits?

MasterProtect 180 is an epoxy based two components coating material developed especially to protect concrete and steel.

  • Glossy surface.
  • Forms a surface structure that prevents formation of microbes.
  • Easy to clean and create hygienic environments.
  • High mechanic strength.
  • Has elasticity to absorb movements on metal surfaces.
  • Easy to apply by brush, roll or spraying method.
  • Water impermeable.
  • Does not contain solvents.

What are the fields of application of MasterProtect 180 solution?

  • Interior and exterior areas for vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Metal or concrete tanks.
  • Walls; as gas and vapor barrier coating resistant to chemical materials.
  • Oil and fuel tanks.
  • Power stations, sugar factories, hangars, and liquid storage areas. In drinking water depots.
  • Petroleum refineries and paper factories*.
  • Beer, wine and raisin industry*.
  • Soft drink and fruit juice industry*.
  • Milk, cheese, and yogurt industry*.
  • Tomato paste and canned food industry*.
  • Meat and fish industry*.

*Used only walls