MasterProtect 320 — anti carbonation coating based on acrylic polymers

Formerly: Masterseal 368

What is MasterProtect 320?

MasterProtect 320 is a single component, ready to use, water based coating formulated from a blend of high performance acrylic polymer emulsion with pigments and fine fillers. The coating which is available in many colours, provides a protective and decorative finish for exterior and interior use on concrete and other substrates. It is a coating with high build application possibility and has very good adhesion onto concrete substrate. MasterProtect 320 is providing excellent protection against carbonation and still remains water vapour permeable.

What makes MasterProtect 320 a unique solution?

MasterProtect 320 has very good resistance against saponification and can be applied on almost all substrates without any primer. It forms a good and strong film and can therefore be cleaned by steam or even high water pressure without harming the coating. MasterProtect 320 still maintains its excellent bonding to the substrate also after many freeze/thaw cycles.

Long term aesthetic protection, longer maintenance cycles will delay the concrete deterioration considerably.

Owners will benefit from less repair cycles during the lifetime of its structure by using the Master Builder Solutions repair system:

  • MasterEmaco - Repair Mortars
  • MasterProtect - Concrete Protection

It will help to reduce operational downtime and structural maintenance cost in total.


MasterProtect 320: Technical Data Sheet (December 2015)

pdf (368.49 Kb)