MasterRheobuild 181A — Integral Plasticizer Admixture for Concrete Pouring in Low Temperature Environment

Formerly: Rheobuild 181A

MasterRheobuild 181A is used for manufacturing of ready-mix concrete and mixtures of various flowability classes for concrete pouring in cold periods in low temperature environment. It ensures better workability with reduced water content. It prevents freezing of ready-mix concrete during its transportation and pouring of monolith reinforced concrete structures before heat treatment or using “thermos” method. MasterRheobuild 181A can be used for reinforced concrete structures, traditional and pre-stressed bearing structures.


  • Plasticizing effect, no additional plasticizer is required;
  • High water-reducing effect;
  • Compatible with any type of cement;
  • Contains no chloride, does not cause corrosion of rebar;
  • It does not contain ammonium;
  • Increases early strength


MasterRheobuild 181A: Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

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