MasterRheobuild 181K — polycarboxylic ether based versatile high range water reducing superplasticizer

Formerly: Rheobuild 181K

Fields of Application of MasterRheobuild 181K

MasterRheobuild 181K is a naphthalene sulphonate based high range water reducing/ superplasticizer admixture that improves the early and final strengths of concrete by giving Rheoplastic property.

  • In the production of pumpable and nonpumpable high quality readymix concrete,
  • In the production of concrete that can easily set to densely reinforced concrete elements.
  • Suggested in the pouring of concrete in low temperature environments.

What are the benefits of MasterRheobuild 181K?

  • Decreases the amount of water at least 12% by weight compared to concrete without admixture.
  • Enables lower water/cement ratio or high workability in the same water/cement ratio and easy pumpability compared to concrete without admixture.
  • Increases early and final strengths compared to concrete without admixture.
  • Improves formwork and surface finishes compared to concrete without admixture.
  • Improves concrete’s other mechanical properties like impermeability, durability, contraction, and creeping.
  • Enables setting with lesser vibration even in densely reinforced concrete structures.
  • MasterRheobuild 181K does not contain chloride.


MasterRheobuild 181K: Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

pdf (48.00 Kb)