MasterRoc MP 307CE – Low-viscosity, fast-reacting acrylic resin for permanent water sealing and layer curtaining of concrete and masonry

Formerly: MEYCO MP 307CE

How does MasterRoc MP 307CE work?

MasterRoc MP 307CE is a highly reactive two-component acrylic resin with a low viscosity for good penetration. The product cures quickly, forming a rubber-like resin with the ability to withstand certain ground and crack movement.MasterRoc MP 307CE acrylic resin is especially designed forconcrete repair and is CE certified according to EN 1504-5.

Recommended for use in:

  • Concrete repair as swelling fitted filling of cracks and fissures
  • Permanent sealing of tunnel linings, shafts and masonry against static ground water pressure of more than 12 bar (1200 kPa)
  • Stopping minor water inflow
  • Injection of injection hoses
  • Ground stabilization
  • Curtain injection

What are the unique features of MasterRoc MP 307CE?

  • Very low viscosity
  • Controlled gel time between 3 and 22 minutes at 68 °F (20 °C)
  • Workable between 41 °F (5 °C) to 104 °F (40 °C)
  • Superior flexibility (Elongation at break >300%)
  • Good chemical resistance against acids, bases, solvents, fuels, etc.
  • Good bond strength to fractured rock and concrete, even under wet conditions „„

What are the benefits of MasterRoc MP 307CE?

  • Environmentally preferable – harmless in contact with ground water
  • Low viscosity allows deep penetration into very fine fissures and cracks
  • Good assimilation to ground movements or settlements
  • Durability of more than 10 years
  • Water tightness up to more than 12 bar (174 psi [1.2 MPa])
  • Non-corrosive
  • Not sensitive to water and closely retains its original shape (maximum change of mass -15% to +20%)


MasterRoc MP 307 CE: Technical Data Sheet (December 2015)

pdf (230.59 Kb)