MasterRoc® MP 355 1K DW — One component injection foam to stop small to mid-volume water ingress, with a potable water certificate

Formerly MEYCO MP 355 1K DW

What is MasterRoc MP 355 1K DW?

MasterRoc MP 355 1K DW is a solvent free, single component polyurethane foam which reacts only in contact with humidity or water, and is certified for contact with potable water (DW: Drinking Water).

Fields of application

  • Stopping of small to mid-volume water ingress in underground structures
  • Also suitable for filling of water bearing voids

Features and benefits

  • Reacts in moist surroundings
  • Good bonding to wet surfaces
  • Forms a flexible foam


MasterRoc MP 355 1K DW: Technical Data Sheet (December 2015)

pdf (191.33 Kb)