MasterRoc MP 367 Foam — Highly reactive, two-component, urea-silicate foam for filling cavities

Formerly: MEYCO MP 367 Foam

How does MasterRoc MP 367 Foam work?

MasterRoc MP 367 Foam two-component, solvent-free urea-silicate foam is specifically designed for rapid cavity fillings, and for coal and rock strata consolidation.

Recommended for use in:

  • Filling cavities in coal and other strata
  • Consolidation of fractured rock, sands, gravels and coal
  • Stabilization of cavities in tunnels
  • Mine and ventilation seals in coal mines
  • Pre-injection TBM tunnel

What are the unique features of MasterRoc MP 367 Foam?

  • Neither expands its volume with water nor absorbs water
  • Shows good adhesion to wet substrates
  • Good chemical stability
  • Predominant closed foam cells

What are the benefits of MasterRoc MP 367 Foam?

Very fast reacting material, applied where foaming speed, flexibility and flame retardant properties are required


MasterRoc MP 367 Foam: Technical Data Sheet (December 2015)

pdf (261.59 Kb)