MasterRoc® SLP 1 — Liquid polymer for soil conditioning in Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM)

Formerly: MEYCO SLP1

MasterRoc SLP 1 is a polymer which is used to enhance the performance of MasterRoc SLF foam products under difficult ground conditions.

Fields of application

  • EPB shield machines
  • Poorly graded and water saturated ground

Features and benefits

  • Tackling water problems in ground containing fine sand or silt.
  • Reducing soil permeability.
  • Creation of plastic deformation properties in the soil which provides an even and controlled support pressure and increased face stability.
  • Lowering inner friction and abrasiveness of the soil.
  • Increasing cohesion of coarser sands and sandy gravels.
  • Strong viscosifying effect, turning wet soil into a more manageable consistency.
  • When injected directly into the screw conveyor, it helps the formation of the “plug”.
  • Ready to use - no mixing equipment required.


MasterRoc SLP 1: Technical Data Sheet (December 2015)

pdf (185.95 Kb)