MasterRoc® TCC 735 — Chloride-free, liquid concrete improver

Formerly MEYCO TCC 735

What is MasterRoc TCC 735?

MasterRoc TCC 735 is a chloride-free, multi-purpose liquid admixture which enhances the quality of sprayed concrete in both the plastic and hardened state. Its unique composition ensures better hydration of the cement. As a result, initial shrinkage is substantially reduced, bonding characteristics are enhanced, and both density and compressive strength are increased.

Fields of application

  • Wet-mix sprayed concrete applications
  • Cast concrete
  • Concrete with low cement content
  • Concrete with deficient aggregate grading or low fine content
  • Particularly suited to hot climates

Features and benefits

  • No external curing agent necessary
  • Improved workability and pumpability
  • Maximized cement hydration
  • Reduced initial shrinkage
  • Improved bond between layers and to substrate
  • Increased density and final strengths
  • Reduced permeability


MasterRoc TCC 735: Technical Data Sheet (December 2015)

pdf (186.56 Kb)