MasterSeal® 901 — vinyl Ester Methacrylate resin for crack injection via injection hoses and packers

Formerly: Masterflex 801

Typical uses

  • Injection into MasterSeal 909 hose system or directly into concrete and rock. Due to its low viscosity microcracks and capillaries can easily be filled by injection.
  • In contact with water it increases its volume. This enables sealing to take place even when the crack moves. No other materials have the same characteristics.
  • The expansion is dependent on the amount of water available.
  • Works in a saline environment


  • Good bond to damp surfaces. In contact with water no extraneous reactions take place, therefore no gas bubbles or foam layer are formed, both of which would hinder the bonding process.
  • In wet and humid conditions, there is a balance between the water content of the adjacent medium and MasterSeal 901.
  • Remains expanded when concrete has a moisture content.
  • The expansion of MasterSeal 901 is reversible and is unaffected by ageing or electrolytic water.
  • Suitable for injection with one component or two component pumps.


MasterSeal 901: Technical Data Sheet (December 2015)

pdf (38.81 Kb)