MasterSeal NP474 a single-component, non-sag, tough, pick-resistant, high modulus polyurethane joint sealant for floors, soffits and walls. With medium chemical resistance.

Formerly: Masterflex 474

Where to use MasterSeal NP474?

MasterSeal NP474 is ideal for sealing floor connection and expansion joints in buildings and civil structures.

MasterSeal NP474 is excellent for application in surfaces exposed to traffic like pedestrian and traffic areas (e. g. car decks / parks), warehouse and production areas, shopping centres, etc

The sealant can be applied on joints between concrete elements, ceramic tile coverings, etc and in vertical and horizontal joints.

Especially in areas with medium chemical exposure (e. g. canteen kitchens, garages) or in permanently immersed surfaces, MasterSeal NP474 shows high performance and durability.

Which are the benefits of MasterSeal NP474 that you will enjoy?

MasterSeal NP474 is an easy to use, single component sealant. It shows smooth consistency for excellent gunability and therefore easier and quicker application.

You can apply MasterSeal NP474 on most substrates even without priming with excellent adhesion.

MasterSeal NP474 shows all properties required to prolong durability and service life: Very good weathering and ageing resistance and high elastic recovery.

Joints sealed with MasterSeal NP474 will show elastic behavior on long term perspective resisting permanent immersion in water, exposure to moderate chemical aggression and to traffic. The sealant is robust and resist also vandalism and damages produced by mechanical actions.