MasterTile WP 666 — cement and acrylic based dual component fully-flexible water insulation material

Formerly: Yapfleks 306

Fields of application

MasterTile WP 666 is a cement and acrylic based dual component water insulation material used on concrete, curtain, and cement based plasters, and applied from the inside or outside against leaking and surface waters.

  • In inner and outer areas for vertical and horizontal applications from the direction of coming water
  • In insulation of foundations. In supporting walls
  • Grounds that are expected to be deflected
  • In terraces (on condition of protecting the top)
  • In wet volumes like WC, bathroom, kitchen, and balcony
  • In olympic swimming pools
  • In water tanks (on condition of protecting the top)
  • In facilities like spa and hamams. In insulation of flower gardens.

The benefits of MasterTile WP 666

  • MasterTile WP 666 Easy to prepare and apply.
  • Applied by brush or spraying machine
  • Long working time.
  • Ability to bridge shrinkage cracks with its highly flexible structure.
  • MasterTile WP 666 forms a jointless, spliceless, permanent, moisture and water proof coating.
  • Resistant to chemicals and salt solutions in soil. Water vapor permeable.
  • High durability.
  • Resistant to freezing - thawing cycle.
  • Can be used in areas affected by movement and vibration.
  • Forms a perfect water impermeable, nondeformable layer under grouts and ceramics with high adhesion performance and flexible structure.