MasterTop 1221 — color quartz epoxy based flooring system

What is and where to use MasterTop 1221?

MasterTop 1221 is a seamless flooring system based upon advanced solvent-free epoxy resin incorporating graded coloured aggregates.

MasterTop 1221 is available either smooth or profiled. The degree of slip resistance can be varied to suit differing service conditions and cleaning requirements.

MasterTop 1221 is ideal for floors in:

  • Showrooms and shopping centers
  • Food and beverage industry
  • General production and packaging areas
  • Industrial and commercial kitchens and catering facilities
  • Wet processing and production areas
  • Shower and changing room areas
  • Office and commercial buildings
  • Schools and hospitals

MasterTop 1221 is the most efficient solution for decorative and slip resistance surfaces exposed both to mechanical and chemical aggressiveness

MasterTop 1221 is recommended for floors where a durable slip resistant surface combined with a decorative aspect is required and where mechanical abrasion and chemical spillage could be the cause of floor damage.

The benefits of MasterTop 1221

  • The high chemical, abrasion and impact resistance of MasterTop 1221
  • The adjustable slip resistance of MasterTop 1221
  • The decorative aspect is ideal for use in commercial type areas.