MasterTop 1278 — industrial epoxy based flooring system

What is and where to use MasterTop 1278?

MasterTop 1278 is a pigmented, seamless, flooring system based on advanced solvent-free epoxy resin for heavy duty industrial areas. Moreover two other alternatives complete this series. Thus if anti-slip properties are required to suit differing service conditions and cleaning requirements, MasterTop 1278 R can be applied.

If anti-static properties are required, in that case you have to apply MasterTop 1278 AS or MasterTop 1278 AS-R (both anti-slip and anti-static).

MasterTop 1278 is ideal for floors in:

  • General production and packaging areas
  • Industrial facilities
  • Wet processing and production areas
  • Secondary containments

MasterTop 1278 is the most efficient solution for heavy duty industrial surfaces exposed both to mechanical and chemical aggressiveness.

The benefits of MasterTop 1278

  • The very high chemical, abrasion and impact resistance of MasterTop 1278 allows to withstand chemical and mechanical attack and to reduce the maintenance cost.