MasterTop 1324 ESD — 

Polyurethane based, antistatic, low emission, flooring system, with smooth coating,

for industrial floors with low to medium loads, where some crack bridging properties

and especial performance of ESD are desired (IEC 61340-5-1)

Typical applications: computer areas, laboratories, operating theatres, electronic and pharmaceutical industry etc.


MasterTop P 617, P 621 or P 615
clear, EP,2 component, non-solvented (total solid)

0,3–0,5 kg/m²

Scratch primer
to 1 mm roughness
MasterTop P 617, P 621 or P 615
Filled 1 : 0,5 with oven dried silica
sand, size 0,1–0,3 mm

0,6–1,0 kg/m²

Distance max. 10 m between copper
(f. ex. with copper strips self-adhesive), cop-per strips must be earthed by a copper cable (4 mm²)

Conductive Primer
MasterTop P 687WAS
black, EP, 2-component, water borne

0,08–0,10 kg/m²

Body coat
MasterTop BC 375NAS**
PUR, 2-component, pigmented,
non-solvented, low emission, antistat-ic

2,0–2,5 kg/m²

ESD Top coat**
MasterTop TC 409WESD
PUR, 2-component, pigmented, water borne, UV-resistant, matt

0,15–0,18 kg/m2
Total thickness of the system ca. 2,0–3,0 mm
Note: Where re-coating interval will be exceeded or where heavy loads system the primer must be broadcasted. Before copper strips are glued, the sanded surface must be grinded in this area.
Consumptions are indicative and may be higher, depending on substrate, roughness and porosity, as well as waste produced during application.
* Total including filler (sand)
Resistance to ground: 104 - 106 Ohm (EN 1081)
Rg < 109 Ohm (Test procedure: IEC 61340-4-1)**
Walking-test Body voltage < +/- 100 V (IEC 61340-4-5)**
Footwear/Person/Floor Rg < 3.5 107 Ohm (Test procedure: IEC 61340-4-5)**


MasterTop 1324 ESD: Technical Data Sheet (December 2015)

pdf (131.54 Kb)