MasterTop 1324 R — Universal polyurethane system, slip resistant

Application: Industrial floors bearing medium to heavy loads with a slip resistant surface. For wet production areas and warehouses, etc.

consumption ca.:

MasterTop P 617 (or P 615 without
sand broadcasting)
EP,2 component, non-solvented
(total solid)

0,3–0,5 kg/m²
Sand broadcast
Oven dried silica sand, size 0,3–0,8 mm, uniformly applied, not in excess0,8–1,0 kg/m²
Scratch primer
MasterTop P 604 (or P 615 without
sand broadcasting)
Filled 1 : 0,5 up to 1:1 with oven  dried silica sand, size 0,1–0,3 mm
0,6–1,0 kg/m²**
Sand broadcast
oven dried silica sand, size 0,3–0,8
2,0–3,0 kg/m²

Wear coat
MasterTop BC 375N
0,8–1,2 kg/m²*
pigmented, PU, 2–component,
non solvented, 1 : 0,3 filled with oven
dried silica sand, size 0,1–0,3 mm

0,8–1,2 kg/m²**
Sand broadcast
oven dried silica sand,
size 0,3–0,8 mm or 0,6–1,2 mm
1,5–2,0 kg/m²


Top coat
Option 1
MasterTop BC 375N**
pigmented, PU, 2-component,
non-solvented (total solid)

0,8–1,0 kg/m²
+ MasterTop TC 442W
pigmented, PU, 2-component, water-based

0,15–0,20 kg/m²
Top coat
Option 2**
MasterSeal TC 373***
pigmented, EP, 2-component,
Non-solvented (total solid), glossy

0,5–0,9 kg/m²
Top coat
Option 3
MasterSeal TC 681**
pigmented, polyaspartic, 2-
component, contains solvent, elastic,
glossy, UV-resistant

0,5–0,9 kg/m²
Total thickness of the system ca. 2,0–3,0 mm
Remark: Consumptions are indicative and may be higher, depending on substrate roughness, temperature
and porosity, as well as waste produced during application.
* Consumption incl. filler
** yellowing under UV light
*** Do not meet the requirements of AgBB regarding the emissions.


MasterTop 1324 R: Technical Data Sheet (December 2015)

pdf (136.52 Kb)