MasterTop 450 — Corundum based, pre-mixed, dry-shake surface hardener


What is and where to use MasterTop 450?

MasterTop 450 is a dry shake floor hardener applied on fresh concrete floors. MasterTop 450 is used when floors require added protection over plain concrete from the demands of light to moderate and heavy industrial traffic, and it offers increased resistance to scaling due to freeze-thaw cycles or to exposure to de-icing salts.

What makes MasterTop 450 a unique solution?

MasterTop 450 will give the concrete floor up to two to four (2-4) times greater wear resistance than plain concrete.

MasterTop 450 increases the strength of the concrete surface, giving up 4 times longer serviceable life of plain concrete.

The usage of MasterTop 450 dry shake creates a high density, easy to clean surface that resists liquid penetration (oils, grease and other industrial chemicals)

MasterTop 450 reduces surface wear, thereby lowering premature repair and maintenance and cleaning costs as periodic floor resealing

MasterTop 450 improves resistance to scaling in slabs exposed to weathering, freeze-thaw cycles and de-icing salts.


MasterTop 450: Technical Data Sheet (January 2016)

pdf (350.63 Kb)