Ucrete UD 200 — Heavy duty polyurethane hybrid flooring system

How does Ucrete UD 200 work?

Ucrete UD 200 is recommended for conditions requiring maximum chemical resistance, slip resistance and cleanability, especially in extreme temperature environments.

Ucrete UD 200 meets the needs of the customers by providing a slip, chemical and heat resistant floor topping that can be steam cleaned.

The benefits of Ucrete UD 200

  • Expert application — Installed only by trained and approved specialist contractors.
  • Fast application/rapid access — Can be applied to 6-day-old concrete or 2 day old polymer screeds.
  • Short curing time
  • Hygienic/Safe — Slip resistant, non-tainting, non-dusting, monolithic (minimum joints), easy to maintain, microbiologically inert.
  • Durable/long life — Wide chemical resistance, wear and impact resistant


UCRETE UD 200: Technical Data Sheet (December 2015)

pdf (126.87 Kb)